Creating Cultures of Community & Discipleship, together.

Our heart is to provide a place for people to rest in the Lord. A place where leaders and kingdom builders have the freedom to focus on their hearts and personal relationships with the Lord.

God is also cultivating a culture of discipleship here, where people who don't know it yet are discovering that they too are leaders.

We invite you to come and rest here, in this place that is truly lit by the Son!

You are Welcome here

Come to Connect

Whether it’s time with your team, joining an interest group, or attending a retreat, if you are looking for community then you belong here!

Come to Disconnect

We are so close to the city and yet so far away! If you are looking for a quiet place to hear your thoughts or the Lord’s, then you belong here!

not alone

We are Uniting with other Kingdom causes!

Join us to serve our God as one body!  We encourage you to come connect with like-minded men, women, couples, families, and ministries because together we all grow stronger in faith, balance, courage, & community!

Our Place, Your Dream

Ready to lead your own retreats?  We can help!

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